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The door ACTS as a security line in the home, as well as the security of the property in the home. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the behavior of thieves has become more rampant, so a door in addition to a good appearance, its anti-theft performance is also very important. Accordingly, to protect consumer to live in safety and arise as The Times require and burglar-proof door occupied the market very quickly. Nowadays the category of door of guard against theft on the market is numerous, quality is uneven, according to material qualitative different can be divided for the following a few kinds roughly: door of door of door of door of guard against theft of door of iron door, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and bronze. At present the mainstream on market security door is stainless steel security door, the following main introduction of stainless steel security door.
How about stainless steel door
Stainless steel burglar-proof door, just as its name implies is the door that USES material of stainless steel steel plate to make, because the hardness of stainless steel plate is big, have very good burglar-proof performance so, what this kind of stainless steel door USES in residential area nowadays is more, because its have good burglar-proof function, often use so do door, protect household safety. Stainless steel burglar-proof door because of its strong and durable, the advantage of superior safety performance, can meet the security needs of different occasions, is the confidential warehouse preferred safety protective door.
Stainless steel security door purchase method
According to our country "general technical condition of door of guard against theft safety" regulation, a eligible door of guard against theft is inside 15 minutes use chisel, screwdriver to wait for common hand tool and hand electric drill to wait for portable electric tool cannot pry open a door, or it is the opening that opens a 615 square millimeter on door door. So, do you know how to choose a qualified stainless steel security door? Below let small make up to tell you, stainless steel door choose and buy method.
Check the certificate of conformity. The stainless steel that regular and eligible production prevents theft door to be able to have the detection qualification certificate that legal detection orgnization place shows, contain the safety technology that the safety technology that the safety technology that produces an enterprise to be in prevents a branch to issue the safety technology that produces an enterprise to prevent a branch to issue the safety technology to prevent a product to prevent a certificate. So consumer must ask to see certificate of quality when door of guard against theft of stainless steel of choose and buy.
Security level
The safety coefficient of stainless steel burglar-proof door cent is A, B, C 3 class, C class burglar-proof performance is highest, B is next, A class coefficient is lowest. The stainless steel that sells on market at present burglar-proof door is A class more, apply to average domestic household commonly. The requirement of A class stainless steel burglar-proof door is to want complete copper qualitative, open completely enclosed, below the coordination of tool of common machinery manual and portable electrician tool, its weakest link also can resist the net time when abnormal open is greater than equal to 15 minutes.
See material pledge
Stainless steel burglar-proof door is used extensively with its beautiful and durable, anticorrosive characteristic, when choosing stainless steel burglar-proof door, basically look at two respects. The first is to see the brand, currently commonly used stainless steel security door material to brand 302, 304; The 2nd look steel plate thickness, the door frame steel plate thickness of stainless steel door is not less than 2 centimeters, the steel plate thickness of front and rear face of the door is between 0.8 centimeters to 1 centimeter commonly, the door inside sets skeleton and strengthen edition.
Pick locks
What a eligible stainless steel door prevents theft USES commonly is tripartite position lock or 5 square position lock, not only door lock is locked, fluctuation crossbar can insert lock, try to fix to the door. Many good quality security doors today also have rubber seals embedded in the door frame so that the door closes without a jarring metallic clash.
See the process
In the purchase of stainless steel anti-theft door should pay attention to check whether there are open welding, no welding, missing welding and other defects, pay attention to check whether the door and the door frame joint is compact, open is flexible, clearance is uniform, whether the paint electroplating is smooth, firm and so on.